Online registration is quick and easy, but before you open the registration form, determine the following:

 1.  How much is your festival registration fee?  If you are registering prior to May 2nd, your registration fee is $100.  If you are registering on May 2nd or later, your registration fee is $110.  If you are coming to the festival with someone else but you are not participating in the workshops, your registration fee is $0.

2.  How much is your lodging/meals fee?  The total lodging rates (for three nights) are as follows:  $225 per person in a shared double room (includes meals);  $255 per person in a single private room (includes meals); $80 per person for eight “commuter” meals (no housing).

3.  What workshops do you want to take?  Go to the Workshop Schedule/Descriptions page and decide which workshops you want to take in each of the Friday and Saturday time slots.

Now you’re ready to click here to go to the Registration Form.

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