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Wickedly Good!


Over 70 players shared a grand musical experience at the 2015 Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival.  See photos from the festival HERE.

And what did the 2015 participants have to say?

“My ‘musicality’ has increased exponentially.  Thank you.”

“Thanks for the opportunity to add something rich and enjoyable to my life.”

“Wonderful assortment of instructors–they are each unique.”

“I appreciate the emphasis on the history and culture of the mountain dulcimer.”

“The dulcimer orchestra is a special experience and was new for me.  Thoroughly enjoyed it, along with Ken Bloom’s humor and patience.  Epic weekend!”

“Flew in from California for the CRDF and would do it again!  Being part of the dulcimer community has been a gift.  Just walking to my room and hearing people playing in their rooms is a pleasure and inspiring.”

“This is the only festival where you get the Virginia-Appalachian Mountain tunes.”

“My favorite of all the dulcimer festivals.  Overheard an instructor say he had taught at lots of festivals, but this one is the best organized . . . . ”

“I plan to make it an annual tradition.”

“The clinicians were outstanding musicians and teachers.  My brain fairly exploded with new ideas and techniques.”

“Entertaining, talented, and patient instructors.  Non-judgemental comradery.  Enjoyed the humor of all the teachers–they were so entertaining!”

“A weekend full of joy and music made with old friends and new friends.”

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Such Fine Music! Such Fine People! Such a Fine Time!

60 IMG_3125 Instructors' Concert at Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival ADJ Small II

Fifty-two dulcimer players gathered on the Ferrum College campus for the third annual Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival.  See all the photos HERE.

147 IMG_3176--ADJ II Small II

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Some Participant Comments From the 2014 Festival . . .

85 IMG_2806 ADJ Small II“When I left Phyllis’s Uptempo, Part 1, a thought went through my mind.  It was:  I finally feel that I have something in my lap.”

“Facility is wonderful! ….  Appreciate that faculty were so encouraging and kept saying, ‘There is more than one way to play.’  Being here made my heart sing.”

“Thank you.  Best festival.”

“Love the laid-back feel, the non-competitiveness, friendliness, and the beautiful setting.”

“Keep the emphasis on the old-time, the history.  This is why I came, and the festival more than met my expectations.”

“The Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival was soooo good.  I’ll be back next year, and the next year, and the . . . .”

89 IMG_2968--Ralph Lee Smith ADJ II Small II“This is my 2nd time at CRDF.  It has fast become one of my favorites.  I enjoy everything that is offered.  Very happy to have the opportunity to study under Ralph Lee Smith . . . .”

“I have met new friends and renewed my energy to keep on learning.  The festival is rich in tradition . . . touches your heart and spirit.”

“The encouragement was transcending!  It was a great weekend!”

“Great workshops for all levels of playing and excellent food.”

“Really comprehensive coverage of the dulcimer experience. This has been a wonderful few days for me, generally well focused with a lot of serious information.”

“The first dulcimer event that filled in the little gaps in my learning that I’ve been looking for for years.”

“A great festival for learning beginner, new, or advanced and bowed dulcimer.  Great rooms, good food, and great instructors.”

“Great value for the money.”

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